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RealSelf is a healthcare marketplace where consumers research aesthetic treatments and connect with physicians. The website primarily targets plastic surgery, dermatology and minimally-invasive treatments. There are 30,000 registered doctors and practices. The site has more than 2 million reviews and had 94 million visitors in 2017. RealSelf’s website has been compared in the media to Yelp, Avvo and Trip Advisor due to its emphasis on user-generated content and connecting consumers to businesses through its marketplace.


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Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at RealSelf full-time Cons: Leadership is inconsistent and change management is non existent. You'll be told RS is not for everyone, when things get tough. I saw very little leadership on my way out, very little compassion, and not so much as a handshake or a thank you. A lot of coldness and poor communication."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at RealSelf full-time for more than 3 years Cons: 14% of the company laid off, followed by almost everyone at a senior leadership level laid off, or voluntarily moved on , because the CEO needs a "strong leadership team" behind him. In my opinion the problems at RealSelf begin and end with the fact that the CEO is still in place. If he could put his pride aside he would see that the only way RealSelf has a chance of being successful is if he steps down and lets someone who knows how to run a company take over. RealSelf has always relied way too much on Google for their traffic. There's no brand recognition in place and they have never been able to figure that problem out."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at RealSelf full-time Cons: Toxic Work Environment: I can’t speak to every other manager in the company but my manager seemed exhausted, overworked and stressed about the job and meeting his quarterly goals. Whenever the team wanted to make a minor modification that would make the product experience slightly better to the audience, the team was discouraged and we had to write a “document” on why this change needed to be made, send for approval, discuss it over a 30 minute meeting and 2 hour slack discussion, before rolling back the changes that have already been made; while engineering spent a day on fixing the issue, others had to spend more than two days on explaining why that change needed to be done and was given a lecture on why that was the wrong decision like every other decision that was made over the last couple of months. Work life balance: Heavily depends on the manager. When a teammate mentioned to their manager during 1-1s that working during the day and managing a remote team during the nights is challenging, the manager suggested that if you are not willing to put in 12-14 hours per day, the company is not a good fit. Managers expect you to get their approval on every minute decision that needs to be made; while micromanagement is not their preferred strategy, they will use it on a daily basis to make your life a living hell and create a toxic environment for the team. Negative Feedback: My manager was exceptionally good at trashing my work on a weekly/daily basis, while being politically correct and logical; If everyone did things right the first time, why is conversion super low and several users never come back to the site for a second time? Why is Realself not Yelp or facebook or a product that witnessed success on a similar scale? Giving feedback and encouraging changes is one thing but trashing your direct report’s work on a daily basis and expressing frustration shows lack of leadership, & empathy Other Cons: New direction or new metric to chase every quarter, leaving the team confused Managers on some teams fail to create a safe place for their team to do their best work; the focus is too narrow to the extent that the overall product and user experience suffers Company fires people or employees leave the company and this pattern has accelerated over the last few months; several factors are at play here. Several good engineers have left the company recently. Letting go of employees who are not a good match is one thing while firing 15% of your workforce in a matter of a couple of months is entirely different. Think twice before you accept an offer."

Former Employee - Email Developer says

"I worked at RealSelf full-time for less than a year Cons: Management has too high expectations and they do not let you get up to speed in time. For being a company that has been in business for over 10+ years, you'd think they would have their stuff together.... but they don't. Be very cautious accepting a position here"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at RealSelf full-time Cons: This is truly the worst work experience I have ever had. I have never worked somewhere with so much negativity, cross functional chaos, and truly mean people in power."

Current Employee - Community Manager says

"I have been working at RealSelf full-time for more than a year Cons: Cliques, judgmental attitudes and power-hungry management. You also wouldn't believe how the employees bad-mouth members of their very own site."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at RealSelf full-time for less than a year Cons: Training could be better. When you finally get on the phones nothing is turn key and good luck asking for help...too many questions are frowned apon. I was succeeding at my job with a rapid pace, was constantly being praised by management, asked all the time what my secret was to making all these sales right out of the gate. Then just as quick as I was selling, RealSelf fired me! They told me it was because I cleared out my call log??!!!! I was NEVER told by doing that I could put my job in jeopardy, I did it because my phone system was acting up and I thought it would help resolve that issue. I believe it's about something else, someone else... a coworker who has power there. If you cross this person in anyway they can make things hard for you. He frankly is one of the worst manager's I've ever known. He has zero leadership skills, extremely unprepared, and just has a way of making you feel bad about yourself. One second he is praising you, the next he is shaking with anger. Someone in leadership acts as if she cares about you but in reality she could care less. When she was firing me she had this little smerk on her face, even though she kept saying how hard this was for her. I would stear clear from this company!!"


"I worked at RealSelf Cons: RealSelf has become a revolving door of talented people who leave when they realized the CEO has no vision and several of the managers are not qualified to run teams. It seems like a startup until you realize how long it's been around. Search on LinkedIn and you'll see how many people have come and gone and were there for less than a year. It's a red flag just how many people the company has burned through. Some of the teams are more functional than others, like the sales team is happier than the product team. It's a very open secret that the head of product has driven out an alarming number of people, especially women. They have also started firing people out of the blue, which has been a blow to morale."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at RealSelf full-time for less than a year Cons: I have witnessed numerous situations where female minority employees are treated extremely poorly by white male executives. For a company whose user base is mostly female, it was nauseating to see how they treat their own female employees, all the while sexist male executives remain in place even after several official complaints by different women."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at RealSelf full-time for less than a year Cons: Unidentifiable direction, unstable employment possibilities"

Email Developer / Marketing Automation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Might be classified as a start-up, but managements expectations are completely unrealistic and they do not give you enough time to get up to speed. Job security is non-existent here. Be very cautious about working here. Cons: Poor management!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Nearly everyone under the Sales Director is looking to leave their job. There is no trust in the employees and you are constantly pulled into demeaning 1:1 meetings. If you are ever pulled into a 1:1 with just the director, make sure you record it or have another set of eyes because unfortunately she will refute anything that was said or promised. This is only one example of how terrible she has made the working environment. Cons: WFH is frowned upon. You don't get credit for your work. No job stability."

Community Content Moderator (Former Employee) says

"I have not worked there in years I'm told it is different than when I was there. It was very small when I was there and they were just finding themselves."

Business Intelligence Engineer Intern (Current Employee) says

"I was an intern with the Business Intelligence Team. The experience was alright, I feel like it could have gone better. Realself laid off 15% of employees"

Visual Designer (Current Employee) says

"I was not a culture fit at this company, which I did not realize until I started working there. Organization structure changed constantly, upper management was difficult to work with, and all creative decisions there were based on the company's bottom line. This place represents everything that sucks about hacky midsize tech companies in 2018 and I wouldn't recommend my job to someone like me."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Employee churn at RealSelf is high -- really strong people are always leaving from frustration, lack of appreciation, and the constant swirl. Cons: Poor career development, no autonomy"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"nice people. very dog-friendly. open workspace. expect regular exposure to "graphic" before and after images. you will not go a day without hearing "bbl" or vaginaplasty. Cons: no boundaries"

sujan Khanal says

"Realself is using my real identity of photo of question asked by me which I feel more unsecure
I am using a legal action if this problem isn't solved"

Patient of botched surgery says

"Dishonest. I had a botched surgery with Da Vinci plastic surgery in VA. Reviewed my experience and posted it. A week later the review had disappeared to be replaced by a handful of glowing five start reviews. Don't trust it."

Dr. Jones says

"RealSelf is a complete scam these are the most unethical dishonest group on earth. They blackmail doctors into taking ads. The site is a disservice to the medical community, a major sham for prospective patients and should be shut down by regulatory agencies."

Michael Smith says

"Fake site.
They charge $ doctors to remove bad reviews.
They charge $ device/pharma to promote.

If you want to support these sharks business - go ahead.
Let's all ignore these fake sharks who cares about only their $."

Lucia says

"realself is a shady website that hides or deletes negative reviews. Mediocre Doctors can pay for exposure to skew public perception. I would not trust this website at all"

Ava Zee says

"The site is run by crooks who will hide your reviews and violate your free speech if the doctor calls them and complains about you. Don't bother, RealSelf is all politics and drama, but if that's your cup of tea, go for it."

Mila says

"same as yelp. Extortion for businesses. Not legit. Whoever pays, gets the ads. Very sad"

Georgina Pissaridou says

"I have been blocked from RealSelf . I posted an honest review About my surgeon Daniel ezra with photos of proof of How botched i am . My review was removed and i have been blocked i believe surgeons pay to protect their name and have negative reviews removed . I have been severly distorted by Daniel ezra and me and RealSelf Owe it to other tp give honest feedback"

A S says

"Spam emails. I’ve unsubscribed several times and still get them"

Bridget Poland says

"Real self don't remove posts even when they don't meet their code of conduct. Evidence has been given to realself that a review has many points of false information, including false before and after pictures. The patient has then asked for £5000 to remove the false review but realself have stated they will not look at the evidence and will not remove the review."

Helena TheJust says

"Fake biased reviews.
I wrote a review of a Dr. Who created major damage to my face. After the review had been up for three weeks the dr contacted them (she advertises there and paid big bucks) and they took my review down and blocked my account and my roommates account which was associated with the same IP address I assume. They never replied to my inquiry. They just ghosted me. I will have to spend 56k to fix the damage yet Realself removed my review which did not violate any standards ( and that is why it was published but the drs pay not the users). So do not trust this site. The drs on Realself are not good and many of the reviews are fake and/or biased. I found the dr who botched me through Realself , Stellar 5 star reviews. After being botched I looked her up on yelp and noticed she has a two star average. Through yelp I got in touch with other people who got botched. Do not trust Realself.

In response to Realself: you say that you eliminated my review bc I had two accounts. that is not really how things went. You blocked the account with the review the day after the physician contacted me. How convenient. Also how convenient that you removed only the review and you refuse to remove all my other content despite multiple attempts and communication to have you remove my content! Why does my review (which had been up for a month and was not posted anywhere else) get removed a day after I spoke with the physician in question, but I have to fight you to remove everything else? So hypocritical and convenient. Btw, the physician in question advertises heavily or Realself and has lots of questionable vague reviews from users who only wrote one review of this dr. But you removed my reviews with before and after pictures that show the results. It wasn’t even a vague review : it was detailed. But guess what: if the review had remained posted (like all the other stuff i wrote and that you refuse to remove ) the dr who advertises heavily on Realself, would have stopped paying big bucks to gain exposure on your site."

Ben Sanders says

"I’m receiving emails from this company, showing pictures of women that have just had plastic surgery, quoting the words “THANK YOU HEALTHCARE HERO’S”
Suggesting a plastic surgeon is a hero for the transformation a women’s face.
I think it’s disgusting this company are exploiting the current pandemic, and taking away from the real hero’s in the NHS putting there lives on the line to save other human beings. Money grabbers, taking advantage of people’s insecurities."


"As a cosmetic doctor I have been absolutely horrified by the poor customer service and true scam this website really is. We have been members for 2 years now and simply putting about 1k a month in the bin. Our customer representative is only interested in sales pitching spotlights that are a complete con in themselves. We at one point we’re spending 1.5k per month in spotlights and having about 2 enquiries a month. We received no useful advice in how to improve our conversions or service page. I could not emphasise enough that if you a doctor thinking of joining this site DO NOT. It’s a complete waste of money."

Omar Tillo says

"I was initially impressed with the content, level of engagement and information available on this website. Therefore I signed up to be a member but sadly find out that all what they care about is getting doctors to sign up for various levels of membership and get the money. Before signing up I was receiving regular calls from their advisors on how to "optimise" you profile to maximise visibility ... etc. These phone calls stopped as soon as I signed up a 6 months contract which turned out to be extremely overpriced with delivery close to nothing.
I would not recommend you spend any penny on this platform. You would get much more for any money you spend on other marketing campaigns."

M says

"Yes! have good information
Which I do appreciate but Wednesday past
I send one doctor a enquirer about treatment price
and the next thing I know the Website starts to send my enquirer to all the doctors without my permission. All these emails starts to roll-in none stop and phone calls as well. I send a email to technical support regarding this issue and that I would like my account cancel. I have not received a reply as of yet but I’m still getting emails and phone calls."

AD says

"As someone who works in a plastic surgeon's office, I always liked RealSelf. Yes, they are a for-profit website, and they make money by forcing doctors to buy ads in order to be seen, however they were a good resource for patients - think Yelp! for cosmetic procedures.

However, we broke our contract with RealSelf, and let me explain why. Firstly, aside form making the doctor's office pay for ads, they used to also demand that doctor's offices answered patient questions to maintain "Top Doctor Status," a.k.a. so that patients would see that doctor before others. So, not only were doctors paying to be feaurtured, but they were created massive amounts of content (at their own expense) for RealSelf to use to bait potential cosmetic customers.

Now, as of a couple of months ago, RealSelf eliminated "Top Doctor Status," so any hard work that doctors and their staff may have put in is worthless. Not only this, but the replacement program, RealSelf "Verified" doctors is so much worse.

RealSelf displays these "verified" doctors with a checkmark by their name to the public, as if they are somehow more qualified, better trained, have higher standards or otherwise are better.

Would you like to know what qualifications these "Verified" Doctors have?
1. malpractice insurance
2. an additional check written to RealSelf of 50-300$ per month.

Think about that from the consumer point of view.... looks like money-grubbing dishonesty to me. No thanks."

Gina LoBuglio says

"Recommendations and content based on user's location would make for a better User Experience!

I have been browsing RealSelf quite a bit since the pandemic as I have a lot of time on my hands. I would have rated the site a bit higher but find that most of the emails and recommendations that I receive are for US based doctors. As I live in London, this is not helpful and I'd like for content to be relevant to me based on the doctors and procedures that I have geographical access to."

Courtney Richmond says

"I was looking for alternatives to tummy tuck and the only response I received was to get a tummy tuck. There was only one DR that suggested exercise. So I guess I should have expected this with it being a site for plastic surgeon's."

Ianna Pavelieva says

"I've worked for quite a few plastic surgeons for many years and have looked around on this website for comments and information on various plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.
Fundamentally; there is nothing wrong with the website.

I have met with many people that have gone directly to surgeons in different countries for procedures. They have spent a lot of money on the wrong procedures or even worse had botch jobs.

I have found that consulting with an experienced plastic surgery advisor to be far more useful than going directly to surgeons or reading reviews from patients who had had maybe one or two procedures."

Shanel Jones says

"Realself is an amazing platform for all those looking to share their everyday experiences. Not only does Realself connect real people they also make it easy to write and share reviews in an instance. I received a mommy makeover from Dr. Ortega at Spectrum mid October of last year I’m back at the same center for a BBL with Dr. Chang. Spectrum have absolutely has the best staff in the world. I highly recommend Realself team for caring about the surgery community."